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Is there hope in life? Would I be able to do it? Im not sure but Ive made up my mind on it. Life is scary. Life is blurry. I dont deserve it. I do not like it. I hate it, I want it to end I need it to end. I just wished there was someone who would always listen to me. Its so hard. I think evey strong person that continues living deserves a medal. I dont deserve that because Im going to take away the pain and be in peace forever, or so I think, but we wont know unless we try right? Im scared of death yet I also want to die. Ill overcome that fear to be able to finish this journey. That's all I need to do, I need the pain gone. Everything is painful.

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Re: Dying

I understand you are going through a rough time in your life but don't give up. Your life is so precious and God gave you this opportunity to live on Earth for a reason. Fight for life, fight for yourself, fight for your loved ones, fight to live on. Please don't make the decision of taking away your life. People will miss you and what you have to give to this world. And you deserve to live. Everyone deserves a shot at living.

Please don’t do it. I know exactly how you feel sometimes I feel really useless but killing your self isn’t worth it. There are many people that depend on you they need you even if you don’t realize it. And even if it doesn’t feel like that then I love you even if I’ve known you for a minute. Please don’t do it you have a lot ahead of you don’t risk your chance. I hope this helps.

Everything is painful... Life can be so awful sometimes, I feel that, I hope your pain goes away soon, or get some peace at least.

Living is the hardest thing to do and I don't wish it on anyone, I know things suck but you can find strength I know it, you can do this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx