Dying from covid

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Think I’m dying. My goofy niece kept goto beach & parties maskless. She’s in mid 30’s. I ask her stay back as she gag for days. I get sick. She just got confirm as Covid 19 but tell me not to worry it’s not really a big deal. I’m transplsnt patient. I’ve had diarea & throw up for days. Barely walk. Hard to breath. I’m trying to get test but I’m on Medicare so is make it hard. Hopefully they test me tomorrow.

I called ex. I have try help her so she not lose their house. Kids. My last good days will have been spent digging & help my son pile dirt to keep her house from flood. I called to say goodbye; she says I’m act like a baby & over react. She has bad health too.

Here’s deal. I can barely breath. If I open mouth I start violently coughing. With my disease I see no way I’ll live. I’m on too many anti reject drugs. If they put me on ventilator I see no way I’ll wake back up. If they say I’m positive would I be more of an adult to just end myself than run up all those bills & die? I have no life insurance. I’d like leave my kids the last $1000 & car I have. So should I just send self to great beyond?