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Hi! I was born female but since i was young Around 3 I would wear guy clothes on some days female on others and most days whatever now im 12 And i identify As Gender- Fluid My family doesn't get it and thinks i should be more feminine But It's Fine Because i have loving and supporting friends and some family But anyways Back to the main track I Like having uhh....Breasts Mine are unusually Large Because they are larger then every girls From 6th grade to 7th I think its because i drink ALOT AND I MEAN ALOT OF MILK or because im chubby But I hate my bottom half of my body Like i Want A mens Genitalia Not a women's It Disgusts me to have a womens Genitalia And i dont understand whats wrong with me Before this i thought i was Just Into guys clothes because they were more comfy and warmer because i easily get cold But Then i thought i was wrong for Thinking harshly about my gender And i shouldn't be A man (My family Kept Telling me i was gonna go to hell and Get killed because i like being masculine or whatever then Feminine) Then i thought i was trans Then finally decided On Gender fluid since i feel way closer to that then anything else But my pronouns are ligit Anything i dont really Care So i need help Why do I Hate Have A womens bottom part But Wants to have a Mens Genitalia But keep the Breasts? Am i fucked up or am i Okay? (Please help)


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Re: Dysphoria??

Hello Ethan!

I understand you are conflicted, but their is no means for you to think of yourself wrongly. I may not have an answer to answer your struggle, but you are totally perfect the way you are! Don’t listen to the people who speak negatively towards you, to be frank I believe it will be those who told you, you were “gonna go to hell and Get killed” are the one who will. God did not make humans to be rude to his other children, he made us to support and love one and another for who we are. He made no mistake making you, you are just another one of his beautiful creation. You will be wrong to listen to others and think of yourself anything less than perfect.

I hope this gives you encouragement to shine bright and love yourself!