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Dystopia ; backstabber

Lying bastards

Decieving fuckers

You are a curse


Kicked in the head

When i hurt the worse

My mind boils with

Both anger and confusion torment is such a bitch to endure

I wanna rip your

Fucking head off

You desecrate

that's pure

Stab me in the back....


And to think

I fucking trusted you

You never cared

Like a fucking doormat

You wiped your feet

On my dignity

So what

You caught me

When i was down

I must have been blind

To think your actions

Constituted any love


Apologise till your

Throat is sore

Youre not sorry

Cover your tracks

Like you did before

No not any more

The drugs im taking

Dont calm me anymore

I sit in angry depression

Im worse off

Than i was before...

You fucking pig

I dont forgive

I dont forget

My minds set

I hope youre proud of

What you've done to me

You never fucking cared


Are to me in many forms

My best friend

Hitler. jesus christ. the law

Fuck all you cunts

You shat on me

I hope it happens to you

Maybe youll understand

How fucked it really feels

Great band with lyrics we can relate to.. give it a listen....