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eight october twenty twenty

It's ok to cry. I'm feel depressed lately. I thought i have my family and friends but i was wrong.

They have me, but i have who? No one.

There is a time when i feel gross with myself, feeling so down, sad, anxiety and all...

I called my them, i mean my BEST friend not bestfriend.

I called them and ask am i too cruel? Am i too ego?

Yes, i can't hold my tears from falling down.

They thought i was joking around when i ask stuff like that. I ended the call.

The stupid me thought that they will call me back, or maybe send me a message if i okay or not...


I'm in my deep thinking after calling them, i called them in a wrong time or this what i deserve?

I become more depress over it and crying all night. Listened to a song, cry, and yes I'm thinking about that.

You all knew what was that.

If some of you read this, you will said that why im so obsses with my friends, why i didnt get my family and blah blah

i live with my grandparents when i was 8, and my brother's age 2.

Same, i thought living with grandparents was the best thing ever until horrible things happened.

Should i be honest here? since all of us are anonynous. I don't know