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Emotionally drained

I wish I could talk and confide with someone , I am emotionally drained, just found out my boyfriend of 5 years was sex chatting with another lady , how does one come out of such shock , I feel numb and frozen all at once .

i wish I could speak to someone who has gone through something similar and how you got through it....I can’t feel my body 💔

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Re: Emotionally drained

Let it hurt because it's going to anyways. Feel the pain know its real and don't push it deep down inside you. Its going to hurt for a solid month for sure but don't let it keep you in bed that long spend a weekend crying and venting then get out and every time you see him and he has that stupid smile on his face and its not fair because your still dying inside. What did you do thats so wrong for this treatment? Nothing let him be a dick and smile right back even if you don't want to. Let him know he's was never worth it and I'm happy without you. Hang out with lots of friends and get back out into the world. Go have fun! He will see how bad he messed up rather he admits it or not you can see it in his face. Before you know it a new person will walk in your life and you won't feel a single feeling for Mr.P.O.S. and if he ever tries to manipulate you and tell you how crappy it is your moving on so fast remind that A hole why you moved on in the first place! Good luck 🥰