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I just realized that I have really bad trust issues that completely isolate me. I don't trust any of my "friends" because I think they hate me behind my back. I don't make friends because I think everyone hates me. I'm scared my boyfriend is cheating on me because I don't Invision a world where I am likeable. I'm so broken but I don't know how to heal from this in my own. Im too poor to go get help and I'm too scared to talk to anyone about what I'm going through bc I don't feel like anyone would actually care. I'm so scared... I just want people to like me...

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hi I'm PK, first of all if someone says 'I just want people to like me' it means you are really a good person and deserve to be loved. Maybe you should talk about it with your friends and your darling, if they really your true friends they will absolutely try to understand you and they may try to prove smt and gain your trust. Plus idk why you have this issue is it smt about your past or anything?