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I feel empty. These last few days I’ve been struggling to feel emotions for most of the day, especially after something causes me to feel like I’m not a valid trans man/man, or anything that triggers me. I’ve got such a writers block and slide through most of my day phased out or jus,, wandering and I don’t know if it’s just because of my depression or something else.

it really sucks, and I just want to get out of that writers block and emotion block and actually FEEL something. Listening to music usually helps but I still feel empty.

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Re: Empty

I definitely recommend you to reach out for someone, doesn't matter who as long as you trust them and can easily vent out your suppressed feelings and emotions, depression or any sort of mental health problems shouldn't be taken lightly.

Physical or mental it's always valid! If there is no one around you always got these sites such as vigyaa to go to, not always the best option but a lot of people are willing to listen, sometimes we just need a shoulder to cry on or a warm hug while being told it's all gonna be okay

If your health becomes at risk and your situation worsens please consider reaching out for professional health! Never feel too imitated or scared to do so

Hopefully things get easier for you and one day you reach a point where you look back at your old self and remember everything you have went through so you could feel proud of what you have achieved.

Take care of yourself <33