Empty and Sad

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Why do I feel so alone and empty? I'm always saying that there's no reason but the truth is...there is a reason. I'm just too afraid to admit it. I don't love her anymore but I miss the memories. I miss how she cares about me, how she liked being babied by me, how she visits me when it's her free time and after training, how she looks at me like I'm the most beautiful thing in the world, and how much she tells me and shows me how much she loves me... I miss all of that... I miss her... But I'm happy for her cause she found the person who could her make happy the way I used to. She found her dream girl... I'm happy and I moved on but sometimes I just really miss her. And I wish this shit that I'm feeling right now will go away soon cause I'm tired being like this, I just want to be trully happy. I just want a new and better version of me, so self keep it up. We'll get through this together...