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empty and tired

My head. Filled with toxic and scary thoughts that never leave.

I have so many ‘friends’ yet I feel incredibly alone. I wish I could have one person who I could tell everything to and build a friendship based on trust and just have so much fun with and see the coolest places. Someone who I could hug when I feel down and be there for them all the time. Just one person.

my ‘best friend’ who isn’t really my best friend but everyone calls us that. In reality we’re just both two broken individuals trying to get through but we don’t ever talk about anything or have a real friendship, we’ve known each other our whole lives yet I barely feel I know her. She just got a boyfriend and a couple new friends who she prioritises over everything even though they’re constantly arguing. She’s so toxic for me because as soon as shit happens she’ll run back to me crying about her problems because it always end up being all about her.

I also hate myself and I’m so insecure about my body. I constantly look at it and worry I’m fat.

I feel so pointless and drained trying to get through each day, up till sunrise and dull eyes that nobody notices. I don’t know if anyone relates but I feel Like I’m drowning and running out of the air I need to live.

This is so messily written but reflects my thoughts. I could write for hours because I have so much I just want to get out my head.