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Empty! Please help

How do you motivate yourselves everyday? Its like your half alive, barely breathing yet still surviving without doing anything. Y'all know I forgot the feeling of genuine and real happiness like did I ever felt happy in my life? I mean, i dont know. Argh! Its hard to say and explain but I guess some of you might understand (I hope)

Please anyone, I dont need motivational words coz words are easy to say than done. I want you guys to tell me harshly what I am doing in my freaking life. Tell me how to change, what should I do?! Im tired, so tired... Gosh! I even search websites where I can write in anonymous. I bet Im really going crazy now. Okay this is enough. I just hope that i can find someone that I can share all my burdens in life and listen to me all the time. That's pretty demanding of me, sorry! Bye for now.

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Re: Empty! Please help

We all feel empty at some point in life

You shouldn't be too worried dear,there's a medical term for fear of happiness (it's like a phobia)

I've tried being a consistent person but almost everytime,I give up....recently I started this study with a friend and we'll always have to study together

Then I realized I'm studying straight for a while without stopping for few days now

The key to my own personal motivation is to do tasks with others cause if left with me alone,I'll give up soon

It's like I actually typed meaningless words


I really don't know you so it will be difficult to tell you what to do but I'm sure you're mature and wise enough to make the best decision for your well being

I hope you'll have loads of joy and happiness without feeling guilty for it because You deserve more loads of happiness