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I want to end everything. I feel like I don't have any purpose in this world. I'm such a stupid person. Nobody loves me. I may not be ready yet, but soon. Sorry in advance for being hard to myself. But to be honest, I know I am just a waste, a trash. I don't deserve anything. I deserve to die.

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Having no purpose is life is something many people suffer with. Why not just take a step at a time and start doing something that makes you happy. When it stops making you happy move on to something else that makes you happy. I also don't have a purpose in life, never had. I am numb to feelings too most of the time. But the difference between you and me will be that I love myself immensely and I allow myself anything and everything that makes me happy. I do things that grab my interest and move on to other things when my interest wanes. Don't have to rely on others to feel loved.