Ending of My first Relationship

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Haha I didn’t expect it to last as long as it did but I’m pretty sure it’s over I don’t think he took it as serious as I did since we met online really hurts but ig it’s expected I actually loved him but it’s okay it lasted about 5 weeks when it started it made me very happy the compliments the flirting something i feel I won’t forget but knowing what I know now and with his actions I know it’s over my heart actually hurts yk every guy I like they always leave or just don’t reciprocate the same feeling I give I feel he may just want to be friends but why must I always be a friend I just want someone to love me for me but I know young boys can’t give me that I originally planned to wait to date when I was in college starting early was a big mistake I honestly wish at times i didn’t catch feeling for ppl because I always hurt myself in the end but yeah just kind of wanted to get that off my chest because it really hurts I’m tired of being hurt by guys when will the pain end at this point but I’ll find a way to be okay I guess just really hurts

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