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I don't know if it's normal or is it just with me but I'm slowly starting to lose hope. I'm 22. At this stage I think people are most motivated, energetic and very much engaged in their careers. They have set their goals. But I feel lost. I have been studying hard, reaching out to every opportunity that may act as a step towards my career but I still feel this is not enough. I don't have a specific goal. I've become clueless. I'm starting to doubt if the subject that I'm studying would payback or if the internships and the voluntary works that I'm doing are enough. I always had many expectations from myself which kept me motivated. But along with them since my parents are expecting way too much I'm starting to worry now what if I don't meet their expectations. I'm tired of all the works, assignments, presentations, asessments, socialization, whether you like it or not. Now I really want to escape from all this.