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Every day I feel like it's my last day 🙂🖤

  • I am from india...I have lot of issues let's start...i have failed thrice in xams ,have a burden of my family becoz my father is no more...I love rApping but I stopped...I feel like I have something which I can give...I connect with Universe...I understand everything but this human world will never accept me ..I have a lot of dreams for evolution of humans...I have in galaxies, Universe, Astral projection ,human pshycedelics...I want to build up a society for animals,humans...were we all are happy...but so because I failed in maths...my life end ...I no you'll say it's not... but it is...becoz I have no ways 🙂🖤

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Re: Every day I feel like it's my last day 🙂🖤

I wanna start by saying that the smileys are very misleading.

But because of said smileys, I feel like you're the one who also wrote 'everyday is my last day'

You said it yourself, failing your exam is not the end of the world. I am familiar with the Indian mentality and school system. I know you're feeling that if you can't even pass then what are you really worth? Well, guess what: you are still the same person you were before results. And there is still hope- you can always give the retests or compartment exams, and even if you have to repeat the year, then you must understand that it's for your own good, and you must do better and try study harder, not just for your parents but for yourself as well.

Wouldn't you rather be known as a person who repeated a class then one who just gave up after failing?

I understand you have big plans and ideas, but just try to concentrate on the present instead, and get through this.