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Everyone PLEASE read this

So there are so many sad stories here. So much heartache and pain; Depression and anxiety; And the suicide notes scare me the most.

BUT I want tell u all that LIFE is tough for all. You are not alone in this. Or maybe everyone is alone in this. And that's the way it's supposed to be.

I have lost someone very close to me, I have fractured relationships with the people I love. I have my personal anxieties of if I am capable. I many short comings I worry the world will see. There are times I feel super depressed. I have even thought about running away or killing my self.

BUT WHO HAS NOT....had any of these feelings? Everyone feel these things one time or the other. And like everything....This too shall pass. There is great strength in knowing that.

The flip side is there is so much to be thankful for too. The world maybe a bad place where a lot of shit goes down. But it is also the place where so much great stuff happens too. And I believe that is true now and always was. And always will be. Everything has at least 2 dimensions. Embrace both.

If you feel sad, then reach out to another person who is sad and make them feel better. I promise you, you will feel better too.

If you feel lonely, then go to the park close by and find the loneliest person there and give them company for just 10 mins. You will not feel alone after that.

If you feel shy, engage with someone who is shy too. You both will feel confident by the end of it.

If you feel like dying, think of who else might feel like that also (around you). Help that person understand why it's a stupid idea to kill themselves. In the process of healing them you will be healed too.

I think this platform has a great purpose. If everyone comes here and reads 5 stories every time they feel lost. I am sure they will find themselves while reading other's posts. Or writing their heart out.

I want to end this my favourite quotes:

Every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around. -Vanilla sky