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Everything destroys..

I've been having anxiety and depression my whole life. For the past 6 years, I've been struggling with numerous of major issues that affected my health. It all started when we moved out, and then apparently the story continues on with me getting bullied several times, my father almost filing for bankruptcy after job loss and then my uncle's death which changed me forever. And then the situation worsens as me and my family went completely broke and are currently unable to pay school fees. Due to the lack of payment, I am completely forced to sit my ass out of school since my school suspended me indefinitely. I feel so angry and i feel so powerless, I can't say more at this point. No other way than taking myself out..

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Re: Everything destroys..

I am so sorry to hear the struggles you are going through, I hope you come out on top. I’ve been kicked out of school too, for a year at one point. At the time I did off jobs. Now I wish someone had advised me to use that time to my advantage.

Have you got a hobby or passion? While things are stalling and you are feeling so fragile maybe doing something you truly enjoy, for your own satisfaction, might be a good thing.