heart break

Everything was going perfect

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I don’t know what went wrong. We were together for 10 yrs. And you slept with your friend. I trusted you with all of my heart. I could have slept with many women but i drove them away from my life and what you did.

but I still love you and want you back but not the what you have become but the one you were before.

But now listen you girls. You always cry that a guy used you and fucked you. Then there is another man in the league who will do the same to you. I loved a girl which I can’t go back to because that will betraying myself. Though i really want to betray myself too just to have her back and i can get you back too but then you will be just a thing to me.

i am writing these things here because i still cares about you. But you did what your mom did with your dad and what your dad did with your mom. I thought I could’ve taken you out from the shit hole and show you the love of a family. But you don’t deserve that. Now don’t come to me whenever you need a friend go to you best friend. Faizan you are a damn ass hole. You are not even a real man. But thanks you helped me to show here real face. Though you are having fun because you fucked her and I’m dying because i loved her that is the difference. But actually I’m coming into your league. I have always been a nice guy. Well this confession is the death speech of that nice guy as the New Playboy is getting born now.

I really could’ve given queen size life to a girl but you girls don’t deserve that. Now just get my dick in your throats and in your pussies. I guess i know why you girls have pussies so that you can fucked by boys. You don’t deserve love.