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Everything's so annoying.

There are many little things that bother me.

When I write essays and ask for my mom's opinion, she always suggests that I change things and re-write a lot of things. I would react to her suggestions by sighing since I have a lot of work, and she would get mad very easily. -w-

My grandma is learning English right now, and asks me to help her with it. I know that it is very rude of me to just sometimes ignore her, but I have my own work to do, and I don't really want to deal with 2nd grade stuff.

I have to binge read every day, and I just don't like books. -w- Just why would anyone like books when you can work on your assignments? Sorry..just my opinion. I don't mean to be rude.

I should be working on my language assignment right now, I have to re-write stuff.


Hhhh bye, my grandma wants me to help her with English right now.

;-; And great, I have to stay up today to finish binge reading the book.

and I have to stay up to do coding homework.

-w- I'm overreacting. I'm only in grade 7, I can do this.

Sorry for wasting your time.