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Evil only exist in the absence of good.

A***** I know i suck , n the way we quit talking wasn't fair to you..N Im sorry.

I honestly dont know what to think or even say at this point.

you were not exactly clear about how you felt. But i did let my emotions get the best of me. I miss youu. N

I think about you alot still... N i hope your safe n everything's good in your world .

Id write more but you'll never see this.The chances are very slim anyways.



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Re: Evil only exist in the absence of good.

I did. I am somebody dying to read from my someone. and I know I won’t coz them aren’t going to say it. So I read urs and I wish it was from that someone. But it isn’t. Coz then they would write to me. They won’t. U gotta take care. Don’t kick urself. It happened. The only way out of the pain is thru it. Just know that someone somewhere else is also going thru what ur. That’s my someone. And I hope he is ok. And I hope u will be ok too

I wrote this post

I just feel so lost... I can't write her either. Ultimately i don't feel like im good enough for her . Im not the type of person you can take home to meet ur parents or to brag about to ur friends . Sure im a nice guy n all but more or less a burden as my life is upside down. I feel like i don't have much to offer a relationship. And how can she ever move on with me bringing up the past. I don't want her to feel bad for feeling differently. Or disrupt her current life. I want her to be happy n the fact i feel like she avoided any real chance to connect with me , it just makes it feel so much more hopeless. N getting thru the pain..... I've been trying to do that for some time now. I think I've came to the realization that some feelings just don't change. Buttt thank you for the supportive/positive input. Not quite as good as a hug, ha , but it helps alittle

Hope things get better in YOUR world too.

Missing someone sucks.