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hi idk but is it normal if my middle sister hurts me since i was 7 and now i'm 11 and she still do? her punches are really so heavy but when i just 'playfully' slap her in a light weight she acts like i just murder her.... and also when i or one of my sibling just criticise one of our other sibling the other sibling acts like she just gotten shot and being so defensive, but when they "joke" about my appearance, voice or just myself i'd just accept it and cry myself in sleep because i can't take revenge on them because they're still the one that's gonna win anyway. When i also bring the topic of me accepting their "criticism" and them being so pu$$y when it comes back to them they'd always change the subject or either ignore me... I just don't get them. You can defend yourself but i can't?

Bet they think that i can't fight back because i'm 'sensitive' and 'young' when i just really keep my anger issues all by myself for 5 years now... or i guess it's because i know once i control myself i'd be holding a knife in less than a second hsjbwjdhs.

Plus.... I'd talk about my middle sister's sEnSe oF fAsHioN but i won't because she might be depressed again because of his stick looking like boyfriend that looks burned than the rice that she cooked lol ( he's not black btw he's just ✨burned✨ because it's really hot in here and he's always in the sun so- )

Yeah..... my father is very manipulative and abusive since i was just 5 and he still do acc, he had forced me into learning multiplication tables on age 5, threw things at us when he's angry and also would scream at me when i didn't get the numbers right, traumatic i may say yes and yes i'm still traumatised and gonna be traumatised again soon enough :)