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hey ex best friend! I hope this anonymous piece of writing somehow reaches you cuz perhaps it’s takes a lot of courage (more than I thought ) to come up to you and disclose the truth! I lied to you! I never wanted you to leave the city and that was because I ........ never mind .Part of me said that I should stop you but part of me said that it’s a good opportunity to move on. I wish I had listened to the part of me which said that I mustn’t let u go! I feel the regret every single day! Despite the regret, I feel so happy that you proved me wrong when I said that you’d forget me! Honestly I think we have lost that bond . I want you ! I never wanted to lose you hence I never told you my deepest secret! I know we both had mutual feelings but ...... idk man it’s so hard to explain . Things are messed up rn! Please talk to me