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ex bestfriend

i think i’m happy.. i lost my bestfriend of 4 years, after leaving her i really realized my worth, i feel like she was bringing me down in a way that is indescribable, always jealous of the things i have like my boyfriend, my lifestyle, my family, i feel like she really bought darkness into my life when i was nothing but kind to her, i got her out of her comfort zone and helped her come over her social anxiety, and was there for her when her ex boyfriend cheated on her, and in the end she dipped on me to be close with my own cousin, my blood, and it’s crazy to see how 2 ppl you’ve know for 18 years and 4 years can just switch up on u like it’s nothing, it really hurts but i feel like my life is so much better now, it’s so clean and free of drama and stress, but the painful things she said to me the day we fought keeps on coming back in my head, “ur own boyfriend broke up with u on ur grad day” “ur reputation is shit” “i feel bad for how ur parents raised u” and more, the disrespect and rudeness really changed my whole perspective on her and life, it made me realize that i don’t need this negativity, i’m going to start college and it’s a fresh new chapter and i’m gonna enjoy every bit of it, and i don’t care about who comes and leaves as long as i have my family, and friends that i call family my side