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Ex Boyfriend Dream

Hi. Okay, so I was wondering if anyone knows what this dream might mean?

I recently broke up with a guy because he was lying to me about his drinking and driving. He knew it bothered me so he lied. Then he finally confessed the truth to me. After I forgave him for lying, I decided to stay in the relationship with him and give him another chance. Well just two days after that he got arrested for a DUI. He got 6 months in jail. After a couple of months of him being in jail I thought it through and realized I didn't need to have someone like him in my life, so I ended the relationship between him and I.

Last night I had a dream that he was talking to me. In my dream he looked a lot better. He and I were hugging in the dream and I felt that it was going to be ok with him and me just being friends.

I don't want to get back together with him, but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the dream meaning? Thank you

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Re: Ex Boyfriend Dream

It seems that you are at peace with your decision that you made and well if you have prospered since then , do not regret your choices♥️ . I feel like you have it on your mind and you feel mixed emotions towards this maybe a tad of guilt and thats why your subconcious could have carried out this scenario in a dream and which is why you saying you felt it was okay with you two being friends in the dream , it is what you would want him to feel regarding the break up. Do not feel guilty♥️ If a different outcome needs to happen it will for now trust your gut and be at peace because you made the correct choice and you need to free yourself from it🤗