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Ex Crush Repeated Dream?? Please Read.


I just have a question and I hope some of you may respond to what I’m about to tell you. I know that so many people don’t believe that dreams have a meaning. But why is that? No really, why is that?

Im 18 now, and each year I always dream about a middle school crush that I had. I hardly dream about any of my ex’s or past crushes. As a matter of fact, I hardly ever dream. Is it because when I first met him at 6th grade, I had a strong connection towards him? I honestly did feel a strong connection with him and I still do. Does this mean I still like him? I can’t really answer that because I don’t know. I mean it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. Is this a sign from the universe? From God? Don’t know either.

It’s so odd to be dreaming about one person that shows up in your dreams each year randomly and still believing that fact that it has no meaning?

I do believe that dreams have meaning. There was times when my mom almost predicted that I could have gotten pregnant at a young age because I decided to date this trash guy. He could have indeed gotten me pregnant. That’s another story but I’m just glad I left that toxic relationship. But you see, there was a meaning in there. When I was in that relationship, I also dreamed of something horrific and sadly that became true. Something dark that I wouldn’t want to remember. Like I said, that’s another story.

Anyways, if I happen to meet this past crush of mine then I guess that’s even a bigger sign? Who knows? Hmm...

What do you think?

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Re: Ex Crush Repeated Dream?? Please Read.

Thought provoking for sure!... Hmm? Now Ive had JR high girls pop up in dreams but randomly, not a consistant yearly thing of the same one. JR high is when all those New (who knew?..LOL) hormones start INVADING our brains&bodys so this chemical mish mashin could store some pretty pwrful (first love type)emo to come out later in life .. maybe?..Now if you were havin this dream, randomly, every 3-4-5 months, Id be more inclined to think it had a more personal significance. Now THAT might occur IF he WAS.... your first love... But? ...... just being a crush.... WAS he? (and its just been repressed.....??? Got me thinkin now...LOL...Well? Whats your first thought of him ... when you first awakin? does the effect stay strong enough to last 3-4 min.Plus NOW, ya gotta tell ....(we're all dying to HEAR ) the CONTENTS, the juicy dee TALES of this dream..LOL) Would that spoil it? I think if we could get just a "peek" of how this dream "plays out" thru its lucid state, THEN,,, its effect on you ... AFTER awaking, we could make a better Guess? I guess? LOL Dang you, now Im afraid to goda bed..LOL