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Ex gf said I raped her, falsely of course

Ex gf falsely claims rape. So I am absolutely fuming with anger. Just last week I started receiving texts from a phony cell # harassing me and calling me a rapist as well as a thief. I originally assumed they had the wrong number because I've never in my life done any such heinous things. However, this mystery person knew me by name, and lent in to explain how he "knows that I raped my Ex, who was my gf at the time of this alleged bullshit. I hadn't seen her, spoke to her or barely even thought of her since the 5 months we've been broken up. Then out of the blue, apparently this disgusting excuse of a female decided to start sharing some things about me. Some absolutely disgusting and unbelievable claims that I actually raped her 5 months prior, on too of that she's spreading rumors that I broke into her home and car to steal from her. I don't even know where to start when describing her despicable character. First let me get this out there loud and clear. She was absolutely positively never ever raped by me, nor did I rob this demon disguised as a person. Let's list the facts. We were dating almost 3 years at that point. She has a son by someone else, I met him and he was only 2, so after a couple years I'd become very much like a father figure type to him. I genuinely grew to love the little guy, and sadly still do. This rape she claims, occurred in her car (I know, kinda trashy, but things with us were very complicated at the time so we planned to meet at a park to talk, ended up smoothing things over a bit, then began some of the sweet makeup type affection). So, we got in her car, more heavy petting and now we're both wanting to keep going but we cant near a public park. She decides that she can drive us both to a secluded backstreet where nobody would be around, and she then drives us to said place, parks up, hops in the back seat and gets naked. I join. 2 mins later. (Lol jk) 30min later we clean ourselves and head back towards where we left my car....now if that's not enough to convince you. How about the fact that she never went to the police, obviously, also, never even mentioned to anyone the word rape until 5 months later for some reason. Fortunately for me everything on my phone for years and years is all stored and backed up. Text convos, screenshots, pics, everything...so I easily went back to the records of that day and her text conversation with me before and minutes/hours after the "rape" is enough to prove to any same person that a person who was just raped doesn't speak so lovingly to her rapist hrs after he raped her. Need more evidence? Let's talk about the quality of character of the girl who's making these very serious claims. The words pathological liar, would be an understatement. Now let me remind you all, anything I've said, and am going to say about her or things that shes done, I have cold hard evidence of it all, and can produce it in a matter of minutes. This girl, was caught cheating, by me, red handed, and lied to my face, but that's not the bad part. She swore, on her young sons life, that she didnt cheat. Then I pulled out the proof I stumbled on and put it in her face, and like a typical demon, tried to flip it all around on me as if I was wrong for how I found out her infidelity. Mind you, at this point, I've been a big part of the sons life, because I wanted to, so I'm doing things like offering to take him into school everyday, despite that it meant losing almost 2 extra hrs of sleep, and honestly it was way more convenient for her to do it every day just because of her schedule and location of work. I didn't care though. I wanted to be more and more involved, for him...anyway, I say all this to explain how badly she used me to just carry the load rasing a child for a while. She literally joked with her friends all the time that she was gonna bring me along to go to the beach or something with then because I'll be the babysitter so she and the friends can relax and do their thing. I wish I could say I don't believe she would actually stop so low as to try ruining my life and falsely accuse me of rape, but knowing her like I do, shes capable of anything. For instance, she was capable of stealing adderall from her friends child, his prescription medication, so she could get high. Now it you're asking yourself why TF would I stay with someone like this...a lot of these things I didn't find out until much much later on, still very factual though. Shes not just evil, shes plain stupid. Who keeps record or screenshots of all the horrible borderline illegal things you've done on the family computer. Like literally in a desktop folder not even trying to hide it. This girl is sick in the head, shes on a laundry list of medications, and somehow has such an abundance of them she asked around if someone would want to buy xanax from her. Yet another fact, with the proof to back it up. This degenerate would still go out partying while having her parents watch the kid while still an infant..then she'd brag about normal stuff, ya know like getting to do coke backstage with the band and letting the drummer have his way with her. All while baby boy is at home in the crib totally unaware of what type of hand life has dealt him...I honestly can go on and on and on, because there's so much more, and believe me, this post is a very censored and filtered version because its exhausting to go through it all in my head, and would take hours to give the whole picture....btw maybe 3 weeks or so after we broke up, she was with a new guy of course, a guy who I'd see her texting constantly throughout our relationship and always claimed hes a good friend...and maybe another 2 weeks into their relationship he took her and her son right in to his home to live. Shes jobless, yet somehow has a car, insurance, has her sons school tuition paid for, gets to go to Disney once a year plus now with new sugar daddy all I hear and see through the grapevines is the newest thing he bought her, or the newest mini vacation he took her on. Its truly sickening to constantly see girls like her, who possibly deserve jail time or at the least kicked to the curb until she fixes her life, and instead you see they always have a guy just waiting in the wings to basically provide everything since shes incapable of providing for herself let alone a child..so those girls just get away with pure evil , learning absolutely nothing, even worse they get rewarded with someone else to carry them through life. Forgive me for rambling or jumping around. I'm really struggling with anger over all this and had put it out there somewhere...if anyone wants more details of this bitch's despicable behavior, let me know and I'll follow up with part 2.