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..... excuse me what?

So I work with a variety of people from different age, race, religion, belief, sexuality, and many more ordeals. My one coworker T I will call and I have been good friends, talking laughing and even a couple coffee trips. He's gay, (he said all his relationships have been with men) has a boyfriend and talks about him a lot as I talk about my boyfriend too. Nothing to it until yesterday.... as we're walking to our vehicles he stops and says he wants to say something. Looks me dead in the eyes and says "I would very much for us to have sex in a hotel tonight" I stopped dead and slightly laughed cause I thought he was playing a joke. He claimed he felt this way for awhile and wish it didn't go more than friends but somehow it did. He loves his boyfriend but can't deny he wants me. I told him the truth of how I felt only us being good friends and I will not cheat on my partner and neither should he. I suggested we take a step back so he can think and get things handled. He messaged this morning apologizing and saying he will try to move past that to be better. He still wishes a friendship but asks I tell him if he ever crosses the line.