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A few years ago I developed a horrible habit of pulling out my eyelashes. It was very selective, like pulling out longer ones or ones that looked out of place so nothing too noticeable but it got to the point where I’d do it every day when I’d look in the mirror or when I was stressed I’d go look and do it. It often left gaps which weren’t too noticeable to others cause I have quite long thick eyelashes so they couldn’t tell but I could see and it made me feel worse seeing the damage I had done. Now after a few years it is still something I do regularly but it has gotten worse. I pull out my arm hairs and leg hairs too. And I do them more often like if I’m sitting down somewhere thinking of something I’ll just pick up my leg and pull out some hairs or if I’m wearing short sleeved tshirts and I catch my arm in the light and see some long hairs I’ll just pull them out. It is even as bad as spending hours whilst on the toilet pulling out my pubic hairs.

I know it seems really really weird but I can’t help it and it helps with stress relief but always makes me feel bad afterwards. I have got bald patches on my arms and scabs on my legs from ripping out ingrown hairs too. I don’t know what’s wrong with me or how to stop.