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Eyes like Cinnamon Creme

My life is an inconvenience. And thinking back on it, what if it all changed because i was doing something i wasn't supposed to? I was around 4-7 years old when i discovered the girl across my house. She became my light in the shortest of time. And every day, it seemed, she'd come over to my house and we'd do anything and everything together. And one day, she pushed me out of my comfort zone, at five years old, her cousin had told her something. it was something you only did with a special person. She had kissed me on the cheek, i thought nothing of it. but during a test week- she had kissed my mouth. That's when i discovered a whole new world, that made me change, dramatic i know, but that's when i started becoming the way i am today. after test week- i was a new person.....and that 'new' person evolved into me. I'm not proud of it but this when i also discovered pansexuality...