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Fade Away

Hi guys, I don’t know how to start this but I’ll try anyway, sometimes I wish things were different, I wish I could have all the things I wish for, life ain’t fair with me but I’m trying not to give up anyway, sometimes I wish I could fade away, I wish I could just go somewhere where I won’t be bothered about so many things in life, I came to a resolution that it’s never possible to go to somewhere that will make everything go away except death, I’m not going to kill myself because I can’t hurt my friends and family especially my mom, I’m just here looking for someone to talk to, I hope someone reply me cus I’m not that lucky, I just wish I could fade away.


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Re: Fade Away

I feel the same way. I feel guilty about killing myself because I know it will hurt my friends and family but I don’t want to be here anymore. I just want to be free but I can’t. The longer I stay the worse things get and it’s hard to talk to people about it because nothing will change. All I can’t see are problems that I don’t want to deal with or live through. I think I understand your pain.

-Hannah MLW

Hi HannahMLW, I know this is weird but I’ll be so happy to meet you in some other place other than this place, I’ll appreciate it if you can tell me how to reach you privately on social media, don’t think anything else, it’s just going to be cool to talk to you somewhere else, thanks for your kind words and replies!


Ye sure on ig- @Hannah_mialw

Hey bro. Death doesn’t end it. I’ve died twice. Went to Heaven.

Here’s the deal. This life is how you see it. I sleep in a storage room. Rabbits & gerbils in cages beside me. I have a bad disease. My lunch was bread. My dinner will be crackers. I’m laying on a cot because I’m too weak to get up.

I had no parents. Was horribly abused. This disease took everything from me. But I’m currently laughing at recordings of impractical jokers. I probably have less than a yr to live. I may become homeless. But I’m alive today. I’ve got s tv to watch comedies on. I listen to music on this phone. I’m going to always find ways to enjoy life; no matter how down I get.

Choose. Wallow in self pity. Waste your life. Or accept life is hard; & look for the silver lining to every day.

God Bless

Thank you so much, I wish I could hug you! I’m glad that you guys replied, HannahMLW, I’m happy you replied too, it’s nice talking to people, I just wish I have more happy reasons to look forward to in life, I’m still here hanging on and living life, wish I could meet you guys.


Ye I know mate. Just keep hanging in there. It’s shit it really is. U never know things might start looking up. Your not on your own. Remember that.

-Hannah MLW