failing school

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It's my junior year in high school and I'm literally failing. I have online school and I barely join the google meets. I barely even did any work so of course I understand why I'm failing. It's all my fault. I literally don't have a single excuse. My parents are disappointed in me bc school was literally my only responsibility. I really hate myself for not doing any of the work. Tomorrow I have to go to school to take an exam so I'll only be there for 2 hours. Sigh... It's gonna be kinda awkward seeing my teacher after not attending the meets. Lol what a shame.... I would drop out and just get a job, but my mom doesn't let me. She believes I can somehow pass and head on to my senior year, but even if I were to somehow pass my exams I know I still can't pass this semester bc of my attendance. Also she always reminds me of how smart I was in elementary school but I wish someone would just make her understand that I'm not truly a "gifted" child. :/ I might be making a big deal out of this idk but I'm just tired of school and ready to move on. Thankfully the holidays will help keep my mind off of things.