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Failure at every turn.

I am upset. It’s the beginning of the semester and I already have 2 Cs in my classes. I am failing math despite how hard I try and my language arts teacher hates me so she gives me a C. I put the answer there but apparently she can’t fuckin read or something. I’m so drained. Why do I have to try for something as useless as life. You lived-you died. Done. I make so many mistakes cause I am one. My parents said so, they only meant to have one child but I happened on accident so now there’s too. They told me this at 9 years old. They told me since age 3 that they bought me at the Target Clearance section. I’m so tired of everything. I just wanna slip away, dissolve. I just wanna disappear. I believe that there is no afterlife. After we die there is nothing. It’s like your asleep but there’s no dreams. U just never think again. Fuck everything. I would like to disappear.