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Failure to protect

I lost my daughter today because the system doesn't protect children. Because children struggle to speak up about sexual abuse. Because even when they do those entrusted to safeguard decide its ok to say that child said nothing then do their job. Because if there truly was not a risk to her, no one would need to lie or massage facts when reporting their findings in a Court case, not the social worker or the psychologist and most certainly not the judge, yet they did. I failed to protect my daughter because she can't bring herself to talk about it beyond saying it was unsafe touch. No one cared that she returned from his home a child of five with red sore private parts anal dilation and the presence of pubic hair. And now they've taken her away from me. I knew they would if I continued to fight for her, but to not fight to protect her is a failure too. Now he has her full time and no contact with me. He controls everything. Ive tried appealing because I'm entitled to a fair trial, but it keeps being denied even though I have legitimate grounds for appeal. A right to a fair trial.

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Re: Failure to protect

Standing up for your daughter, voicing the concerns, and following through with the authorties and proper channels is not failing. Its the broken system that failed.

Do u know how impprtant the knowledge of your belief, willinginess to support her, and action you took will be to her? A lot of children tell a parent and the parent does nothing. Sometimes worse then nothing. They dont believe them. They tell them it was theor fault. Or they sweep it under a rug.

Your an amazing person. Its going to get ruff. Dont give up. She needs this.

You are productive. Keep a record of all you do. All calls, contacts, emails, and documents. On the days you feel helpless, those records will help you to see everything you have done for her. They will help you feel more in control of what you can control in this out of control situation.

One day she she will come to you with questions. And when she does, you will have the opportunity to be her hero. She needs one.. i know this path is hard. But you must stay strong so she has a hero in this world.