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Ya know even though I draw, I feel so...dirty calling myself and “artist” or what I make “art”, cause tbh saying that feels like an insult to more talented artists like really like ya know the one professional art teacher who draws perfect realism vs me, a 21 year old with an anime art style. Now I know art is subjective and people have different tastes but I’m sorry if there are professionals out there who’d be disgusted by me calling myself an artist, then I shouldn’t do it cause they’re objectively better then me and know more then I do since I can barely grasp realism anyway. Like if you’d put me next to them or basically any other artist who’s more skilled it feels like me calling myself and artist is an insult to them cause they’re being compared to someone who draws stuff that in the eyes of many is appealing to the lowest common denominator (anime art style and draws cute girls which is seen as generic and bland) yeah art is subjective but does it really matter when a lotta things can be deemed as “subjective”? Listen if someone were to tell me to give up cause I’m stealing away from real creators tbh it’d hurt but they’re in the right, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years if it hurts it’s probably true.