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Fake Friend or Not?

I am very confused if my best friend is being fake to me. Lately she has been kind of mean and I don't know if it is because I am sensitive or shes being mean. What even worse is that she has anxiety so I can't really be mean to her or express how I feel because she will cry. She tells me about her day al the time and I pay attention. I do not go on my phone I do not go on anything but look at her, yet when I tell her she looks away and she doesn't even listen. Then she gives fake laughs and doesn't stay on topic when we talk. Like I say something and she just changes it because shes not paying attention. She says she is but I know she isn't but then again she is going to cry which makes me mad because I will be the bad guy for forever. So what to do.

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Re: Fake Friend or Not?

You will never get comfort from this friend unless you bring this up to her. you must tell her how you feel and make it serious enough for her to listen this time. or you can distance your self from them completely. What has done the trick for me is hanging out with another close friend and let her notice that you are spending more time with them then him/her. once they realize that you arent talking as much they will ask whats up and you can explain that you needed someone who will listen and care to hear what you have to say and the other person is doing that for you. if they get mad then so be it but if they are a true friend they will try to mend whats broken.

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