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falling for her

what do i do

hey i’m adan, i’m a sophomore in high school..and i think i’m falling for my best friend. 

me and her have known each other going on for five years now, we met through mutual friends i guess, i was friends w/ this one girl and i went to church w/ her and she introduced me to her. not to recently she has been going through a lot, with personal issues and other things, and i’ve always been there for her, weather it was sticking up for her, letting her vent to me, giving her advice, and trying to help her grow a better relationship w/ God. these past few months have been very weird, it started when it was just me and her downstairs watching a movie, it was very crappy my i add but anyways, we where sitting in one of those recliners that has the cup holder in the middle so it separates us yk, well i leaned back and we started to just fight w/ our hands and after a while we held hands, now to be fare we have held hands before bc me and her have been close for a while but this thing was different, yk that thing you do white your thumb how u kind of caress their hand, yeah we where doing that... and we just kept holding hands for the rest of the CRAPPY ASS MOVIE, that was about a month ago i guess. a couple of weeks later she introduced me to this anime that she liked and i of courses said i’ll give it a try and ended up liking it, so one day we go up to my room to watch the amine together, we are just chillen in my bed talking and watching the anime, we hold hands, she get a lik closer and puts her head on my shoulder, when i say my heart was racing IT WAS RACING, like bruh how do u even hajajshehjj, but yeah we started to do that ever other week where we would just go to my room and watch anime together and not cuddle but just idk comfort each other, but today we went to go watch anime after my dad kicked us out of the living room bc he wanted to watch football, we go upstairs and she puts her head on my shoulder and i put my arm around her yk like the lil player i am, and we just watch anime together, after a couple of episodes my parents left to go visit my grandma, she lives about 30 minutes away, and so a couple of minutes passes by and she falls asleep on my chest, then she like comes in closer to me as i hug her more tightly and play w/ her hair. 

I don’t know what to do or how to feel about it because apart of me wants to believe that she likes me back but the other part says she just thinks that it’s normal ig. bc she always talks about how she wants a boyfriend and how no one in her life right now has her interests, but also she could be saying that because she doesn’t want me to know she likes me. 

idk can someone pls give me some advice.

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Re: falling for her

ik what u mean dude, i had the same thing happen to me. but if u really care for her then u need to think alot about how if you actually are feeling this way for her or if ur just lonley or like the idea of her. u dont want to hurt her by u being confused or mixed with how you feel. i thought i cared for this girl but when i think back on it i really just was mizxed up and she was available and like there for me. and i ended up hurting her pretty bad and i regreyt it every day. being honest, what u wrote about sounds like ur mixed up becuz yall shared some type of physcial affection or wsomething, not like actual feelings and shit for her. just check your heart idk man. just make sure u realy kno how u feel about her befoe u like act on it

hope that helped