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i recently got close to my dad after not being close with him for like 7-8 years, even tho we lived in the same house, i’ve always been so close with my mom and she knows everything about me but i’ve recently realized that she has been such a bad influence on me, unconsciously teaching me that lying is fine, being sneaky and overall not be a good person, my mom has changed so much and has a mind of her own and no one can control her, she goes out and does whatever she wants and it breaks my heart so much to see my dad lonely and with someone that doesn’t acknowledge him, im so glad he has me and my siblings but i regret all the times i’ve lied and been sneaky just to have 1 night of fun, i really hope my mom comes to her senses and realizes how much of a blessing my dad is and how he puts his all for his family, he truly is a blessing and i love him with all my heart