family bullies

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so ive had my mom. the person i should have been able to trust the most. treat me wrong all my life since as far back as i can rmember. she became physical when i got to high school. left me bruised up one night. my dad was never there growing up was always working. and when he was around he was always yelling. he to became abusive when i got to high school. used to burst into my bedroom and choke me. made my mom choose him or me. she of course chose him over me. i became very sick was hospitalized tuned out i had mental problems. i was labeled bipolar severely depressed schitsophranic. i was kicked to the curb even cried to my mom she looked at me with disgust and told me i did not need her. then kicked me out the house for good. they tried to confuse me with their decietful smiles. and lying to everyone around me about the abuse they put me through and even to my face like i was forgetful or something. but i know the truth. i honestly hate my biological parents. even my sisters are in on the abuse. it started when we were young girls. they broke my nose with a bat. when i was unconscious they changed my bloody clothes cleaned me off and cleaned up the blood i left behind. said it was an accident. everyone believed them. but my mom or 911 was never called. ever since then ive been the odd one of the family. there is so much abuse im leaving out. its just to much to type. i would be here all night. anyways thanks for listening.