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Family comes first

I am 21 years old. I am new to this platform. I have a lot to vent out and I am tired of carrying it all by myself. Sometimes, I feel I am just being over dramatic, everyone has their own problems. But my problems aren't ending since the past two years. I am born in a middle class family, there were financial restrictions but life was good. I love my father more than anybody in this world. He caught a virus two years back that nobody knew much about in India. He was admitted and was on ventilator. I had the fear of losing him. After that, he started falling sick again and again.

I can't describe it all in a day, but it has been hard to see my father fighting for his life. He had severe lung problems although he has never smoked in his life. He was on ventilator in this august again, and once he recovered, he was admitted for Covid in september. We take all necessary precautions, but things don't improve. We thought he has recovered properly until he started to develop post covid symptoms which have affected his immune system and saturation levels. He is just 51. My brother is in his class 12th. It is very difficult for him to study. My father is the only earning man and he has built a business in years. I am not in the position to manage it at the moment because I have just passed out of college. Even doctors don't know the solution to his problem. The winters in my area are going to be harsher this time, and I am losing my hope. How would I save my father? How would I run my father's business? How would we do without them? How will my brother study?

I need a friend. I have tried trusting too many guys but none of them could understand my problem. Maybe they did understand, but people get tired of listening to your sad stories. I am just too broken, I feel like dying. I want my father to live a healthy life, I want my brother to enjoy his school days, I want my mother to roam the places she love, I want my family to prosper and be happy.

Am I asking for a lot? Is my fear of losing my father not justified? That is what everyone who talks to me daily feels. I don't know what to do.