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Fanfiction is my coping mechanism

When im feeling sad, lost, alone, or just flat out depressed I go to fanfiction to cope. Why? Well heres why.

Fanfiction lets me escape to an alternate universe. I love thinking about how things would be in different universes if something happened. I love to interact with other people online who share my same interests.

Fanfiction has helped me through hell many times before, and I hate when people hate on it. People who hate on fanfiction don't take the time to search and find actual good fanfiction- and that angers me.

Marvel, BFB, NF, Among Us.. all those fandoms and fan bases have good fanfiction! Yes, even Among Us. I enjoy sitting down and reading and writing fanfiction. There are so many talented writers out there that get hated on because the write fanfiction.

Fanfiction is my therapy, ok? And I love it. It makes me happy, and if you need to be cheered up, I recommend fanfics.