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Farmkid-A Documentation of Rural Abuse

Bucket Calf

I'm freezing to death and your walking away?

Fuck You!

I'll get my milk from somewhere else.


Hey you!

Go away from here!

I'll put a hole in you something severe.

That's my fuckin' shit.

Keep your ass away from it.

Dog Swather

Hey kid

Dog ain't coming home

She's fuckin' dead

Now quit cryin' and clean that swather head


See that there son?

He's gettin her done.

The rest are fuckin' steak.

Parent-Teacher Conflict

It seams your little motherfucker

doesn't play well with others

Buy some pills and put them in



So what if he feels like a zombie?

So what if it kills his mind?

If he dies then we got lucky.

The boy has got to mind.

Shadows on the Wall

Angels or Demons

Satan or Christ

Make me powerful

Take my soul

Save my life

Don't care where it comes from

Just don't want to die here

Not like this

Not like this

First come first served

From Parent-less Son

This family is a shitshow.

It's time for me to go.

Didn't want me then

Angry that I left

Why don't you just fuck yourself

Feels better now

Being far away

I guess I can fake it every other holiday

The few days that you stay

Don't make the past OK

The time between

A bridge that can't be built

The ship has left the fuckin' shore

Sister is still a whore

Never needed it

Don't want it anymore

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Re: Farmkid-A Documentation of Rural Abuse

This one goes between bullsex and Parent-Teacher Conflict. I omitted it by mistake. Also apologies for the formatting-first time user.

Respect Beatings

It might be my belt

It might be your plastic race track

I'll beat your ass till you stop talking back