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I really need help. I dont know wht to do. I just feel so self conscious. I'm just 15. I have a million stretch marks; round my waist, on my boobs. My legs are like jumbo sausages. My stomach has no shape at all. My stomach is flappy. My face is fat. My boobs are like a size D and look ridiculous. I feel stupid because everyone else I know is like a size 4 or like up to an 8. I'm like the odd one out in classes or when I meet up with pals. Being a size 14. People take the piss out of me . I'm 11 stone. I'm disgusting. I just want to get a knife and cut it out of me. It's not like I dont exercise,I go exercising every day. I just eat when I'm sad and that's kinda a lot considering I have depression, anxiety and CPTSD. Just wanna die

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