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I know, I KNOW. This goes against the whole "I dont love you brother/sister more, just in a different way" but I have a favorite.

Shocking? Yes. I have a favorite child. And its not the one everyone assumes.. Its my daughter. My youngest. Shes my favorite. Not because shes a girl and Im her mother. Its not because shes my last child. By all accounts it should be my son.. and I love him omg do I.. but hes not my favorite. Oh he thinks he is. But hes not.

We're not supposed to have favorites.. but I do. She needs me. Shes going thru stuff but she fights hard. She doesnt give up. And I love that about her. 14 years old, home schooling this year, absent father in her life and she fights hard everyday to stay herself. She doesnt let anything beat her. I want to tell her, to give her a boost with things being so crummy right now but it would ruin things between her and her brother. I love them both.. but really, shes my favorite.