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f*ck it i guess?

i seem to have it all... well that's what the outside world thinks. i give out all i have, and don't expect anything in return. i am there for whoever i know, but no ones ever there for me. i tried to disappear but guess the rope just wasn't tight enough, and just like that my deepest secret is out and i will never know who knows. its hard to be looked down on by others but especially by your own family. i got trust issues even with myself i think... f*ck i'm just messed up but i have learned to mask it all behind a smile. boys think i'm "hot" or "thick" and "cute" but they only care for the outside and the urge to f*ck so to all you... f*ck you :) f*ck this messed up world and especially... fuck that dude who touched me where i didn't want to be touched. i'm still haunted by that day as you laughed with the others and continue to live your perfect rich life. i f*cking hate you. from now on it's i don't give a f*ck mode. so to anyone out there, if anyone even reads this, if you're also having a tough time, lets not be defeated. dry your tears and lets not give a f*ck. as much as i hate myself, my body, i wanna feel real happiness. goodnight mothaf*ckers <3

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Re: f*ck it i guess?

I am with you. I dont have much so I dont share much. If I did have alot I still wouldnt share cause I dont have anyone really except my mom and sorta dad. Single, no kids, a kitty cat named Banjo and an email that smu5857754933 at gee male dot com

Shawn be say F*@k it I guess