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some people think i have the mindset of a murderer. some people think im crazy. i like horror, i love being scared and i think about glitches in reality a lot. i just wanted to talk about it because everyones tired or my 'alt reality bullshit'. im obsessed with weirdcore and ARGs (Alternative Reality Games). if you watch a lot of tiktoks, you probably already know about it. for me, fear is kind of comforting. it makes me think about what's outside of this world. who knows, maybe everything the government says is a lie. maybe we dont actually exist. who knows? what if the millions of people who go misssing every year just glitched out of reality? that brings us to the backrooms lore. we live in a society but fuck the society. nothing really matters in the end. about muяder tho, the thought of hurting another human or animal makes me sick. im not interested in that. i think different, thats all.