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I passed my 12th class this year as a bio student I got just passed in class 11th in every subject and because of covid-19 pandemic government passed everyone without exams I don't want to continue bio further I want to pursue from India and then MBA from abroad I am ready to give it my all, I am doing this because I want to be a businesswoman in future and I really want to learn about money how money works and how can I be rich I am ready to give it my all but because of being a bio student till class 12th my decision of changing my stream really feels stupid to many people even my mother she wants me to go for something like b- pharma or biotechnology but I don't want to..

Everyone telling me that there is no scope in what I want to do and I should go for something safe and secure but i don't feel like doing it..

I am really scared

When i was in 10th class I said to my mother that can I go for commerce in class 11th and 12th but she said there is no scope in commerce go for bio and eventually I have to opt for bio and it was really hard to survive even after that I know that if I have to go for bio after my 12th it won't be hard I will do it any how but there is something that is stopping me

I am really scared