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I'm 16 and I received my progress report and just like the end of last year, my grades are split to half passing and half failing. It's a miracle they let me in this year, however this year is my finals, this determines whether I'll get into a job or a good course. Honestly it's not that I'm laidback and I'm going to let my life pass.

The current problem is showing my parents the slip so that they can sign, it's bad to hope for the outcome where they just stay silent and ignore me but I feel like leaning towards that scenario.

I don't mind people losing faith in me, but I don't think dragging the signature is going to help. How do you think I should approach them?

My father is a person who says that as long as you pass he can see that I've put in effort, though he's expressed that of course he's disappointed because he does hope for the best.

My mom is the more aggressive one, she's the one that expects high grades, will ask you why. She's more dominant in terms of...want? I guess.

I'm thinking of just talking to a therapist online or something, but I don't want to call a helpline because that's for suicide, I wouldn't want to disrupt the samaritans from savings someone else.

If I get disowned, especially in my culture and religion, running away is a big no. Somehow, i feel like PDF-ing all my textbooks and bring my notes, devices and some clothes to bunk at a shelter or something.

Running away is cowardly (in a sense) and may cause bigger problems. Is it really that bad to not want to hear what they have to say?

The start of my finals is tomorrow and my teacher gave the class until the end of the pre-exams to sign the slip.

(Should I contact the teacher and as if they can confront my parents with me?)

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