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I’m scared. I live with someone Who’s a registered sex offender for having sex with a minor. That’s not what I’m scared of.

Hes changed since then. The incident happened 15 years ago I think when he was in his early 20s. He did his time in prison and he said he knows he fucked up big time and has put so much effort into changing. He’s super hardworking putting in 60+ hours a week at work and takes care of his 5 children mostly by himself. If it wasn’t for him giving me a place to stay after I hit hard times I wouldn’t even be alive right now.

what I’m scared of is that he’s gonna get hurt. The offender database is available to anyone and someone could just decide to come over and try to hurt or kill him.

I was told he didn’t know the person he was with was a minor until her parents got involved, but she lied and said he knew the whole time. But you wouldn’t know that just looking at the offender page. All you would know is that he had sex with a minor, and that’s all some people need to justify hurting or killing him.

Im not trying to defend his actions; but it just hurts and scares me so bad that this dude could get offed at any time and permanently has that stain on his name for the rest of his life. He had kids and a girlfriend that legitimately love him and he’s doing the absolute best he can to be a good person for them.