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fear of failure idk what i will do

there is always something weird about depression it just stucks with you and most of the time you dont even realize that not until you are stuk in a situation or you feel you are at the edge and the only one thiing that can help you is god , god is the only one hope left and its scary how i fee; my anixiety increase and i just find ways to get distracted from it continusly its jusst depressing and lonely and all you do is fantasize of having a perfect life instead of feeling like a loser and a failure because everything proofes that around you thaat you are less capebal and less success and it makes me feel sick and whaat makes me more sick is that i dont talk about any of it and instead i always turn it into a joke or something i just feel like dying

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Re: fear of failure idk what i will do

Heyy budyy!

Look fear is a human emotion ike any other. And the fact that you think about failure is a sign that you deeply care about something. Something so strong, that you can't take the chance of failing.

Now I can pull out here a million quotes on motivation and success and shit. But honestly, they didn't ever seem to motivate for more than a few seconds.

However, there's one that's stuck with me.

'Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear. And the fact that you're scared of doing something shows that you're about to do something really really brave.'

Anxiety is actually quite common. I have it too but only to some extent. Which is probably just me being nervous about everything I guess.

Everyone fantasizes to be perfect!

It just is the way it is. Perfect. But I don't see it and neither should you. Cause it's plain and simple, perfect is all about perception!

Think about it. My way of a perfect life is living out of a suitcase, just travelling. You might find that to be simply nomadic.

Perfect depends on your perception. Perceptions define your expectations and expectations, as I feel, are dangerously harmful! Expectations are poison if not used in the right way.

You are not a loser!!

Learn to be a graceful acceptor of failure buddy and LEARN! IMPROVISE! HELP YOURSELF by learning from your past self.


You're better than that.

Everything happens for a reason. Find it in your interesting humour.

I wish courage for you to see through fear!

Cause hey, we all fail sometimes, it's you getting up that matters.