Fed up of living

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I am fed up of living like this . I don't want anybody's attention. I just want that my family don't fight with me and don't treat me like i am always wrong . They can be wrong even if they are adults and i am at 18 . I just started hating them . But somehow , I always forget their deeds and start loving them . But I really want them to understand what's wrong and what's right and stand up to it. They always go by society's mentality and I am very much different than them .

And I think It's not bad to raise my voice if something is wrong but they want me to stay quiet . But I will not stay quiet .

(My mother also beat me sometimes , for just small things like siblings fight and all that little chores))

But I love her eternally.

But she always says that she spend most money on us unlike many parents, BUT I WANT LOVE NOT MONEY . I WISH THAT SOMEDAY SHE WILL HUG ME AND FOR THAT DAY I AM LIVING , (Well I am also living because it's my life and little things won't let me take my own precious life . I am more important than those peopke who let me down. )

I am feeling extremely happy by writing all this . I am feeling light .

I also draw but my parents think it's a waste of time.

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